The Szczecin Lagoon

follow the traces of a surprising history of technology


Dense forests between sky and water - this is how the "land by the sea" in Germany and Poland appears today. But there is also a rich, almost forgotten technological history that nature is reclaiming. Traces of ambivalent inventions and technological milestones from Pomerania can still be found. Almost forgotten, nature also recovers evidence of a rich technological history. They can still be found: Traces of ambivalent inventions and technical milestones from Pomerania.

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Museum of Technology and Transport

Mobility and traffic education at the Motoexperimentarium SMYK.

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Otto Lilienthal Museum

The multifaceted world of flying at Lilienthal-LAB

Welcome to the website of the EU-funded project "History of Technology in Pomerania" (Interreg VA)

Intensive cooperation between the Museum of Technology and Communication (MTK) in Szczecin and the Otto Lilienthal Museum (OLM) in Anklam on a professional, cultural and tourist level supports the cross-border experience of the Pomeranian region.

This cooperative online presence provides access to the two museums of technology in the form of a virtual museum with exhibit highlights as well as to multilingual, educational museum offerings in the Experimentarium (MTiK) and in the Lilienthal LAB (OLM) as extracurricular learning venues. It also presents a large number of technical monuments in the region, underpinning them with digital content and encouraging visitors to go on their own technological tours.

In addition, a large number of technical monuments in the region are presented, supported with digital content and encourage visitors to take their own technical tours.

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Technical monuments around the Szczecin Lagoon

Technikgeschichte In Pommern Technik Am Stettiner Haff

Technological relics from a bygone era ...

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Tours around the Szczecin Lagoon

Discover the area around the Szczecin Lagoon – from land, water or air, on foot, by bike or on four wheels!

Technikgeschichte In Pommern Touren Am Stettiner Haff

History of Technology in Pomerania